Each company is as individual as its people. That is why we are happy to help adapting RETIT technologies to your needs.

Let us know if you have questions regarding capacity planning, capacity management or performance evaluation. We also support you to increase performance awareness in your entire software development and operation organization!

To support the trend of a closer integration from development and operation (called: DevOps), a unified view on the performance of enterprise applications and its required capacity is essential. Performance models can help you in such scenarios as an information sharing entity capturing data that would otherwise not be available!

Some of the questions we have answered together with our customers can be found here:

How can we …

… reduce license costs by reducing our capacity?Fragezeichen
… reduce the number of servers or CPU cores?
… estimate the required instances during a cloud migration?
… put a new enterprise application into operation with a given capacity?
… allow additional users with our current capacity?
… calculate our IT costs based on the number of users and their capacity needs?
… deal with changes in our user behavior?