Dear Performance Engineers,

as we need to stay online for the time being, we are happy to announce our third virtual performance meetup! The meetup will take place on July 6th and will be held using Workadventure (if all works well, otherwise we will revert to Teams). Please RSVP on the meetup page:

This time, we are happy to announce two speakers! First of all, Sascha Brechmann from VHV insurance will share their experience with Open Source APM Tools. This presentation will give you great insights on how the tools that were presented at the last meetup could actually be used in production. Afterwards, Ouamar Nedil (Octoperf) will give an overview on how to modularize your JMeter-based performance test scripts for improved maintenance, reusability, and extensibility.

Afterwards, we will stay in the meeting for a Q&A session.


  1. Introduction
  2. Presentations:
    • Experience Report: Open Source APM Tools at VHV Insurance, Sascha Brechmann (VHV)
      Sascha Brechmann will present the experience VHV insurance gained while using Open Source APM Tools.
    • Modularisation in JMeter, Ouamar Nedil (Octoperf)
      Using Test Fragments, Module Controllers and Include Controllers in JMeter. How can you write modular tests and why should you do it?
  3. Q&A