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What our customers say


RETIT has helped us to gain visibility into a mission critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and to improve its response time and user experience for its international end user group.

Jan Windhorst, Head of Operations Solutions, Group IT, PERI SE


RETIT integrated an automated performance analysis in our continuous delivery pipeline that helps us to continuously optimize response time, throughput and resource utilization of our product.

Thomas Bonnet, Head of Product Engineering, Loyalty Partner Solutions GmbH


RETIT has helped us to reduce memory utilization and response time of a business-critical application by up to 80%!

Gerald Samhaber, Projektmanager, Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Some of the questions we have answered together with our customers:
How can we…

  • … reduce license costs by reducing our capacity?

  • … reduce the number of servers or CPU cores?

  • … estimate the required instances during a cloud migration?

  • … put a new enterprise application into operation with a given capacity?

  • … allow additional users with our current capacity?

  • … calculate our IT costs based on the number of users and their capacity needs?

  • … deal with changes in our user behavior?

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