RETIT integrated an automated performance analysis in our continuous delivery pipeline that helps us to continuously optimize response time, throughput and resource utilization of our product.

Thomas Bonnet, Head of Product Engineering, Loyalty Partner Solutions GmbH


RaiffeisenBankInternational_finalRETIT has helped us to reduce memory utilization and response time of a business-critical application by up to 80%!

Gerald Samhaber, Project Manager, Raiffeisen Bank International AG


RETIT stands for „Resource Efficient Technologies & IT Systems“. It is a company founded by Dr. Andreas Brunnert in 2015 and supported by the Technical University of Munich and fortiss GmbH. RETIT technology is based on the research results of the founder during his time as Team Lead of the Performance Management Group and out-of-the-box compatible with the application performance monitoring (APM) solution of Dynatrace due to the close technology partnership between Dynatrace and RETIT.

Dr. Andreas Brunnert has validated the feasibility and utility of RETIT technologies in numerous scientific conferences, journals and publications (see below). Before founding RETIT, he has worked for more than 10 years at IBM and fortiss dealing with enterprise application performance challenges.


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SpecFor the continuous exchange with experts for capacity planning and software performance, RETIT is member of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC).



SpecRevRETIT is co-founder of the SPEC RG DevOps Performance Working Group with Dr. Andreas Brunnert being co-chair of the group. The DevOps Performance Working group identifies and discuesses the challenges in the area of performance that come up with the organizational and technical changes of the DevOps movement.


To ensure a continuous exchange between research and practice, RETIT organizes the Software Performance Meetup in Munich where representatives from both sides gather and discuss state of the art performance challenges. Furthermore, RETIT supports the organization of the Symposium on Software Performance (SSP) , an annual event to provide a platform for the German performance engineering community.


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