Dear Performance Engineers,

we are happy to announce our fourth virtual performance meetup. This meetup will take place on October 26th and will be held using Workadventure. In case of technical problems, we will revert back to Microsoft Teams. Please sign up on the meetup page:

For this meetup, we are happy to announce a speaker of our own. Denis Angeletta aims to make reactive libraries more accessible aswell as share his experience evaluating the impact of those libraries on software performance.


1. Introduction

2. Presentation:

Investigating the Performance of Reactive Libraries in a Quarkus Micro-Service
Denis Angeletta (RETIT)

What’s the performance benefit of using reactive libraries in my Java applications? Can I go step-by-step, or do I need to go all-in and refactor the whole code to gain performance benefits of these reactive libraries? If you are dealing with similar questions, this talk is for you! In this talk, we will review different refactoring options for a Quarkus-based REST service using frameworks such as RESTEasy Reactive, Hibernate reactive and Mutiny from a performance perspective.

3. Q&A