We are happy to announce our next meetup which will take place on Tuesday, November 14th 2017 and will be hosted by codecentric!

The first speaker will be Dmitri Melikyan from StackImpact, who will introduce us to the benefits of continuous production profiling and explain how this is different to current performance monitoring systems. The second speaker will be Tsvetan Stoychev from ePetWorld GmbH who will talk about his experiences in writing a custom real user monitoring solution.

Dmitri Melikyan (StackImpact): Continuous production profiling

Performance profiling is an indistinguishable part of software development since the beginning. With the evolution of software applications, popularity of new programming languages and move to the cloud, the performance profiling tools and methods evolved as well. In this talk I’m going to summarize profiling tool history and basics, focusing on continuous production profiling, which is intended for optimizing and troubleshooting state-of-the-art data-intensive applications.

Tsvetan Stoychev (ePetWorld GmbH): The Basics of Building Simple Real User Monitoring Systems for Measuring Frontend Performance

In the beginning of this year I started researching heavily about web performance optimisation (WPO). I discovered many WPO techniques and implemented some of them in one of my own webshops (https://www.darvart.de). I even gave a talk and demonstrated those techniques at a conference but immediately after the talk I got an ‘a-ha’ moment. What is the point of any optimisation if we can’t measure it? This question motivated me to do further research and build a proof of concept of a basic Real User Monitoring (RUM) system. In this talk I will cover the basics of collecting performance data from the user’s browser, decoding this data, rendering waterfall diagrams, visualising histograms and relating the data with Google Analytics.

You can register for the event here. We are looking forward to meeting you there!