The International Workshop on Load Testing and Benchmarking of Software Systems (LTB) will take place in 2020 as part of the International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE) in Edmonton (Canada). Dr. Andreas Brunnert was co-chair of the workshop in 2015 and supports the workshop since then as part of the Program Committee. Here is a short summary of the workshop scope:

Load testing and benchmarking software systems are difficult tasks, which requires a great understanding of the system under test and customer behavior. Practitioners face many challenges such as tooling (choosing and implementing the testing tools), environments (software and hardware setup) and time (limited time to design, test, and analyze). This one-day workshop brings together software testing researchers, practitioners and tool developers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of conducting research on load testing and benchmarking software systems.

More information about the workshop and the submission deadlines for papers can be found on the LTB 2020 homepage: We are looking forward to your contribution!