RETIT Supports Load Testing and Benchmarking (LTB) – A Workshop at the International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE) 2018

Der International Workshop on Load Testing and Benchmarking of Software Systems (LTB) findet im Jahr 2018 als Teil der International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE) in Berlin statt. Dr. Andreas Brunnert war im Jahr 2015 Co-Chair des Workshops und unterstützt den Workshop seither als Teil des Program Committee. Hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung des Workshop-Scopes:

Load testing and benchmarking software systems are difficult tasks, which requires a great understanding of the system under test and customer behavior. Practitioners face many challenges such as tooling (choosing and implementing the testing tools), environments (software and hardware setup) and time (limited time to design, test, and analyze). This one-day workshop brings together software testing researchers, practitioners and tool developers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of conducting research on load testing and benchmarking software systems.

Mehr Informationen über den Workshop und die Submission Deadlines für Beiträge finden Sie auf der LTB 2018 Homepage: Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Beitrag!

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About the Author:

Andreas is founder of RETIT GmbH. His work focusses on performance evaluations of enterprise applications using performance modeling techniques. Andreas gained more than 10 years experience in the field of software performance engineering in his various roles at IBM and while leading a research group focused on software performance at an institute of the Technical University of Munich (TUM).